Work from home comfortably

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Plugwise zone control

We offer the perfect solution for home workers, namely zone control! This allows you to keep your workspace at the ideal temperature without heating the rest of the house. By heating smarter, a lot can be saved on heating costs. Start small or equip your entire home with our appliances, it can be arranged entirely by yourself.

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Working from home the new normal?

We all did it once in a while, working from home because a technician comes by or because a dentist visit is scheduled in the middle of the day. But nowadays we can (almost) do no more than work from home. The current situation means that we work from home and that also requires a change in the home. The refrigerator should be stocked not only for dinner, but also for lunch. The electricity bill goes up because of the lights and computer that are on all day. But heating the house is also changing, because you naturally want to work from home comfortably.

Your benefits:

  • Control your temperature per room / zone
  • Use schedules for the various rooms in the house, such as the office, bathroom, living room, etc.
  • Control your (current*) thermostat from the Plugwise Home App, also remotely
  • Heats only where and when needed and saves up to 40%
  • Has a weather-dependent smart control and adjusts the heating behavior accordingly, tailored to the behavior of each individual room / zone
  • Insight into your system via handy graphs in the app or web browser
  • Can be expanded at any time, including smart plugs (Plug) to measure and / or switch the power consumption of devices or, for example, to switch off automatically on your (floor) heating pump

*Thermostat must support OpenTherm

Start small?

Not equiped the entire house with the zone control system? Then start small! The starter package is suitable for 2 zones. Use the current thermostat in the living room and expand, for example, in the office or perhaps the bathroom. The system can be applied to all OpenTherm or on / off boilers, but also compatible with heat pumps and district heating.