NEW: Cooling with Plugwise

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Cool function!

Did you know, that you can also cool with your Plugwise system? In the past period, we have conducted tests for cooling in various projects and are constantly working on improvements. And we are almost there! We successfully tested the function in practice this summer.

How does it work?

Until now, there have been few (re)control systems that can control cooling each room. That is why Plugwise has expanded the Adam software in a new firmware and added, among other things, the new function ‘cooling’. We expanded the feature this summer and were able to test it in various systems, both large business systems (see Fortop's test case below) and various homes.

Now that more and more homes and offices are equipped with heat pumps, the demand to also be able to cool is becoming increasingly important. Until recently, the user had to open all radiator and underfloor heating valves (manually) to cool the rooms. With the new software from Plugwise, this is a thing of the past. You only have to set the Adam to cooling mode with 1 click on your Plugwise Home App, and the rest is automatic. The Adam keeps an eye on each room, based on the set temperature and measured temperature, whether cooling is required. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the Adam will close the relevant taps (Tom, Floor, Koen), so that no unnecessary energy is lost. The right temperature, at the right time, in the right place, now also in summer!

In addition, it is very easy to indicate in which rooms cooling is not allowed (in the case of radiators, for example, or a damp room such as a bathroom. This only needs to be indicated once and the Plugwise Adam takes this into account.

Test case

One of our test cases is at Fortop, located in Zwartsluis. In a beautiful new building with several rooms, but where there is always sun on the building. A perfect location to start working with cooling.

“Especially on the hot days, the rooms were properly cooled where it was needed. When cooling was no longer required for some rooms, the cooling function in the Plugwise Adam control ensured that the control valves were closed in those rooms and that there was no unnecessary cooling. Good to see that this position works for us without any worries.” says Bert-Jan Netjes.

We took an example of one of the hottest days of this summer! Where normally a room heats up to 30 degrees with these weather conditions, in this case it doesn't get warmer than 24 degrees while the sun is burning on the property. Each room can be set and controlled individually.

Hé hot-head, would you also like to test our cooling function?

Do you have a Plugwise zone control system and are you curious about the cooling function? Then we are looking for you! The function is currently only available on request and costs €50,- including VAT, your Adam will then be provided with an additional function and will receive the latest update. Are you interested? Please contact us:

No zone control system yet?

Have you also become interested in the Plugwise zone control, but you do not have it yet? Send an email to or go to the website and click on 'Home', 'Office', or 'School' and after just a few questions you will get an overview of what you need in your situation.