Discover the benefits of our zone control

There is an increasing focus on sustainability. Example? Switching from the classic central heating boiler to a heat pump. More and more homes are also fitted with solar panels and electric driving is also extremely popular. Smarter heating is also a big part of a sustainable home. We are happy to explain the many advantages of our system!

Main benefits?

One control and a multi-zone control from the base - Is there underfloor heating, radiators, convectors or electric / IR heating? The Plugwise system can control all these heating types, even if a mix of these is present. The Adam HA works in conjunction with OpenTherm and on/off boilers, heat pumps and district heating. Does the heating source have no thermostat input? Then the Adam HA can also be used as a readjustment.

Where most thermostats are intended to keep one room at the right temperature, the Plugwise control is basically set up from the idea of keeping different rooms at the right temperature. The influence of zones in relation to each other is also taken into account in determining the correct boiler temperature and the amount of heat that is sent to the zones.

Easy to use and more insight - From the first moment the control automatically learns the characteristics of the zones and of the boiler or heat pump. Control the temperature in the Plugwise Home app and create handy schedules for different zones. Choose from 3 heating profiles to save more or to choose more comfort; eco, standard or comfort.

With the graphs you can see how the system functions. You can see the temperatures of all rooms together with the outside temperature. Choose to see an overview by day, week or month and compare it with previous periods. With OpenTherm boilers you also see the supply and return temperatures.

Create schedules per zone - A schedule can be created for all rooms or one schedule for several rooms. You can easily create the schedules in the Plugwise Home app. Tip: Easily create schedules for the Plug. For example, control the lamps in your home.

And of course savings! - By heating smarter at the right times and the right zones, you can save up to 40% on heating costs. And that without loss of comfort. Most homes use a single thermostat. This heats the living room and any other room that is open. And that while not every room needs heat at that moment. Consider, for example, the bedroom, which only needs to be at the right temperature when you go to bed. With a zone control, that room is automatically heated at exactly the right time.

Even more benefits?

Not dependent on outside temperature, but really weather dependent - When it comes to 'weather dependent control', we often mean 'control based on the outside temperature'. The boiler temperature is determined as a linear function of the outside temperature and then continues to heat continuously. With the Plugwise zone control, continuous heating is unnecessary. The control knows the temperature in each zone and therefore also when to use and when not to heat. The scheme takes several weather factors into account, such as wind, sun and the forecast weather.

Works with an algorithm - The Plugwise algorithm is self-learning. This means that in a period of a few days to a maximum of two weeks, they get to know a house or building and the associated installation. The control knows whether a departure is south or north and anticipates the forecast for the next 72 hours.

Wireless Zigbee network - Plugwise products communicate wirelessly through Zigbee HA 2.4 GHz. This is a dynamic mesh network system that ensures that the devices (nodes) have a route table in them and know from each other where they are in the Zigbee network. If for some reason a node cannot be reached, the system will try to reach it through a different route. The system is self-healing. Plugwise uses the same chip manufacturers as, for example, Philips, Ikea or Osram.

Limitless reach - The system is scalable. This means that the Adam of, for example, one home can be expanded to 20 zones and up to 80 nodes. By adding an Adam, you can add another 20 zones and up to 80 nodes. All this in one app. Because each (5 volt micro USB) powered node functions as a router and a node can easily bridge 10 to 20 meters, you can theoretically bridge a distance of 800 to 1,600 meters. The trick is to install the system optimally spread out and to strive for an optimal mix of routers (on power) and nodes on battery voltage. The system is suitable for individuals, single room start-ups and building managers of an entire building.