On vacation with Plugwise

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Tips & tricks for your holiday

Are you going on vacation and want to turn the thermostat down or have your lights go on at night? Here we explain how you use the Plugwise Home app to leave your house feeling good during your holiday.

Create switching schedule (for lamps)

Create a switching schedule for your lamps so that it looks like you are at home. See below in which steps this can be set:

  1. Select the tab 'schedules' click on the + button at the bottom right .
  2. Click on 'switch' and click on the arrow at the top right.
  3. Choose on which days you want the schedule to be active and then choose the time on which it should be turned on at this time.
  4. Tap at any point on the screen, then repeat step 3 and choose the time to turn off the schedule.
  5. Name the schedule and save the schedule.
  6. Check the schedule and select the zones in which the schedule is to be activated.
  7. Go on vacation!

Holiday schedule

Set the holiday schedule or set all the schedules at 15 degrees. How do you turn on your holiday schedule?


  1. Open the Plugwise Home app and go to the thermostat tab at the bottom left.
  2. Click the round preset button at the bottom right.
  3. Then choose the preset 'holiday'.
  4. Your schedule turns off automatically and the holiday preset is now set.
  5. Go on vacation!

Also easy to set back to a different schedule when you return from vacation.


  1. Open the Plugwise Home App and go to 'schedules'.
  2. Press the + button at the bottom right to create a new schedule.
  3. Select 'temperature' and press the arrow at the top right to continue.
  4. Touch any point on the schedule to set a new temperature.
  5. Check all the days. Time is irrelevant in this case because the temperature remains the same throughout the schedule.
  6. Set an custom temperature, for holidays we recommend 15 degrees and press save.
  7. Press the blue arrow at the top right to name your schedule.
  8. Enter a name, for example 'vacation schedule', and tick all zones in your Adam and press save.
  9. Go on vacation!